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a game about capturing time through the contemplative gaze of long exposure photography.
it is finding beauty in an ever-changing space where time passes with you and through you.

you find yourself alone at night on your rooftop, holding a camera.
this is the only way to interact with the surroundings, which continually evolve as you go through the eighteen pictures you have left on your roll.
take some time.
choose to upload your favorite pictures to a collective archive that exists online, and admire the pictures other people have taken.

out now!
play it here.

check out an archive of uploaded pictures here.

music by frankie and steph butchko

selected artwork by emilia gonzalez salgado

~ IGF 2019 nominee ~

check out a special archive of pictures that were uploaded at the festival here.

~ A MAZE 2018 nominee ~

check out that archive here.